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Breast Implant Questions You May Hesitate to Ask

Breast implants in Chicago

Are you on the fence about getting breast implants, and wish you had some additional information? Maybe you feel reluctant to ask your plastic surgeon certain questions about the surgery or recovery because those questions seem too personal.

With Dr. Robert Galiano, no question is off-limits. He wants you to feel completely confident in your decision to undergo surgery. Read on as Dr. Galiano answers some of the implant-related questions you may hesitate to ask.

Can I accidentally pop my breast implants?

Though breast implants can rupture, the rupture rate is very low. You do not need to worry about implants rupturing when you run, jump, exercise or engage in other physically strenuous activities.

In the rare event that a saline implant ruptures, the sterile solution will be safely absorbed by your body; if a silicone implant ruptures, the filling will slowly leak out of the implant and likely remain inside the implant capsule.

Will my breast implants make me heavier?

You may be a few pounds heavier right after breast augmentation due to fluid retention and swelling. However, as you heal and resume your normal routine, the extra weight should come off quickly. The implants themselves only weigh a pound or two, so they will not dramatically increase your weight.

Will my nipple sensitivity change after getting breast implants?

It is common to experience sensitivity changes after breast augmentation. Most of the time, these changes are only temporary and normal or near-to-normal sensation returns after six months to a year.

Can breast implants improve my sex life?

Yes. If you currently feel embarrassed or uncomfortable in intimate situations because of a flat chest, breast implants can help you feel sexier and more feminine. Many women comment that getting implants improved their sex lives.

Why do my breasts look cone-shaped right after surgery?

Do not worry if your augmented breasts do not initially resemble the beautiful bustline of your dreams. It takes some time for swelling and bruising to resolve and the breasts to “settle” into their normal shape and position on your chest. Try to be patient as your breasts heal. Dr. Galiano can give you a more specific idea of what to expect right after surgery.

Get Answers to All Your Pressing Questions

You never have to feel embarrassed asking Dr. Galiano questions about breast augmentation (or any procedure). To request more information about breast implants and how they can help you achieve your desired curves, please contact our office today.

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