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Liposuction Recovery Tips

Liposuction in Chicago

Right after liposuction surgery, there is a temptation to flaunt your newly sculpted physique to friends, family and coworkers. But before you can show off the results of your treatment, you will need to allocate several weeks to recovering from surgery.

In Dr. Robert Galiano’s many years of practicing plastic surgery, he has found that by taking a few critical steps, patients can cut down on recovery time and make a faster return to everyday life. Read on for Dr. Galiano’s best liposuction recovery tips.

Say No to Alcohol and Cigarettes

Alcohol, smoking and other types of nicotine can compromise your healing and set back your recovery timeline. If you need smoking cessation support, talk to Dr. Galiano or your primary care doctor ahead of time and map out a plan.

Fuel Your Body with Protein, Fruits and Vegetables

By eating plenty of lean protein and vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables, you are giving your healing body the fuel it needs after surgery. Apples and pineapples are highly recommended as good sources of bromelain and quercetin, which naturally minimize inflammation and pain. Also, limit your consumption of salty or overly processed foods, which can cause you to retain water and bloat.

Take Short Walks

Strenuous exercise is off-limits in the weeks immediately following liposuction. Pushing your body too hard after an operation can lead to complications and set back your recovery.

The same does not hold true for short, easy walks and light exercise. Getting a little bit of movement into your daily routine can actually accelerate your healing progress. Try taking short walks or doing other forms of no-impact cardio as soon as you feel ready. If something hurts or you feel as though you are overdoing it, dial back on the activity.

Wear Your Compression Garment As Instructed

A form-fitting compression garment, similar to a girdle or pair of Spanx, applies gentle pressure to the healing tissues to minimize swelling and promote tissue recovery after liposuction. Wear your garment according to Dr. Galiano’s instructions for your case. If you need recommendations for medical compression garments, please reach out to our team. You may even want to purchase two garments so you have a clean one available at all times.

Contact Dr. Robert Galiano Today

To learn more about the habits and decisions you can make to speed up your liposuction recovery, please reach out to Dr. Galiano. You can call our office or send us an email today.

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