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How to Choose the Best Plastic Surgeon

Plastic surgeon in Chicago

Chicago is home to many outstanding plastic surgeons. A Google search for “best plastic surgeon in Chicago” or “best plastic surgeon near me” is likely to return pages upon pages of results.

With so many providers to choose from, it may feel overwhelming to find the doctor who is the right “fit” for your unique needs. Dr. Robert Galiano understands the challenges of your task and has compiled a list of tips to guide you through the search.

Ask Around for Recommendations

A good place to start your search is by asking friends, family and coworkers who have had cosmetic work for recommendations. Ask for details about their experiences, from the initial surgical consult with the doctor through the day of surgery and recovery process.

If you do not know anyone who has personally gone under the knife, consider speaking to your medical providers and their staff. For instance, your dermatologist or primary care physician (and their staff) are probably familiar with reputable plastic surgeons in your area, and may be willing to provide recommendations.

Research Qualifications and Confirm Board Certification

Once you have an initial list of names, double-check each provider’s qualifications. Dr. Galiano admits that if you are not part of the medical field, some of the jargon surrounding credentialing can be confusing. His advice is to confirm a surgeon is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (not any other medical board).

This certification indicates that the plastic surgeon has been thoroughly vetted and found to have the proper training, skill set and ethical standards to offer safe care. It filters out non-plastic surgery specialists with limited training who market themselves as “cosmetic surgeons.”

Read Testimonials

Your next move is to learn about each prospective surgeon’s approach to patient care by reading through patient reviews and testimonials. Look for themes among a provider’s reviews that offer insight about his or her bedside manner, communication skills and staff.

Look at Photographs of Past Work

Most surgeons have online galleries of their past work. The photographs in these galleries will give you a sense of the quality of a provider’s work, and help you decide whether your aesthetic sensibilities are in alignment.

Schedule a Few Consultations

At this point, you should have a short list of plastic surgeons in your area whom you are seriously considering. Schedule a few face-to-face consultations to discuss your needs and goals. Prepare a list of questions for each surgeon and be ready to answer questions about what you hope to achieve from plastic surgery.

Keep an eye out for red flags, such as a surgeon pressuring you to make a quick decision about treatment, an outdated office or staff members who seem disorganized.

By following Dr. Galiano’s tips, you can simplify the search for a Chicago plastic surgeon and find someone who will help you become your best self.

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