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Mommy Makeover in Chicago

Chicago Mommy Makeover

Having children (especially multiple children) takes a toll on a woman’s body, particularly the breasts and abdomen. If you are dismayed at the ways your body has changed after having children, you may benefit from a treatment called mommy makeover. This combination of procedures is designed to help you reclaim your pre-pregnancy glory, so you feel happier and more confident.

Women seeking mommy makeover in Chicago turn to Dr. Robert Galiano, an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon. He is known for naturally beautiful results and a friendly, professional demeanor. Dr. Galiano would be happy to tell you more about mommy makeover during an in-person consultation at his practice.

Mommy Makeover Candidates

You may be a good candidate for mommy makeover if you are unhappy with the ways pregnancy and nursing have changed your body. Common concerns include:

  • Sagging or “deflated” looking breasts
  • Downward-pointing breasts or nipples
  • Excess fat in the abdominal area
  • Loose, saggy skin on the abdomen
  • Weakened or separated abdominal muscles
  • Stubborn fat in other areas of the body

To meet the criteria for mommy makeover, you should be in good health and not smoke. You must allow your body time to heal and stabilize from pregnancy and delivery before pursuing mommy makeover. Being at or very close to your ideal body weight will help Dr. Galiano plan the best surgical result. Also, you should be finished breastfeeding.

For the most lasting outcomes, you should only pursue mommy makeover if you are finished having children. If you plan to have more children in the future, it is best to postpone your mommy makeover until you have completed your family.

Treatment Details

Every mommy makeover is uniquely tailored to the needs of the individual patient. Your mommy makeover will be planned around the results you want to achieve. It can include any combination of the following procedures:
Post Childbirth Surgery Chicago

Together, you and Dr. Galiano may decide to combine two or more procedures into a single operation; or, you may choose to space out each procedure into a separate operation. There are pros and cons to each approach; Dr. Galiano will recommend what he feels is best for your case.

Recovering from Mommy Makeover

Recovering from mommy makeover depends on the specific procedures included in your treatment. Generally, the treated area will be swollen, bruised and sore for a few weeks. You will be prescribed medication to manage any pain or discomfort.

You should plan to take at least one to two weeks off from work and your normal routine. You will not be able to lift anything heavy (including babies or children) during the initial recovery, so make sure you arrange for someone to help with childcare.

Dr. Galiano will see you regularly during your recovery to check your progress. He will advise you of when you can resume your normal activities, including your workout routine.

Mommy Makeover FAQ

Which Procedures Will Benefit Me Most?

Mother has her tummy toned by Dr. Robert Galiano.No two patients are the same, which is why a consultation is so critical. When you meet Dr. Galiano and share the goals you have for your appearance, he will assess your body and be able to provide you with a realistic idea of what each procedure can achieve in your specific circumstance.

For example, if you are concerned with the flab around your abdomen, Dr. Galiano can determine whether you are better suited for liposuction, tummy tuck or — in many cases — a combination of both procedures.

How Soon Can I Get Back to Normal Life?

The timelines will shift depending on the combination of surgeries you select, but for most patients the pain, bruising and discomfort last a few weeks. Typically, you can return to work within a couple of weeks, so long as it does not require you to lift heavy objects — yes, that includes your own children!

Because your ability to react quickly will be impaired, driving is off-limits for several days. Accordingly, you will need a loved one to drive you home after you are released from the doctor’s care.

As for exercise, that should be put on pause for a month or two. At that point, you can slowly reintroduce physical activity in moderation.   

Since Dr. Galiano will be checking on you throughout your recovery, he can evaluate your progress to see if it is appropriate to adjust the timelines on any of these restrictions.   

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

Dr. Robert Galiano offers breast lift and liposuction to mommy makeover patients. The procedures included in mommy makeover are not weight-loss surgeries. In fact, you will see much more success from these surgeries the closer you are to your goal weight.

Dr. Galiano recommends adopting a diet and exercise regimen following your pregnancy to eliminate the pounds that are easier to shed. From that point, mommy makeover procedures can tackle the stubborn pockets of fat that are common in women who have given birth.

What Makes Someone a Bad Candidate for Mommy Makeover?

You May Give Birth Again

If there is any chance you may decide to get pregnant again, you ought to wait on these procedures until you are confident that you are done having children. The reason for this suggestion is not that these surgeries will have negative consequences on a future pregnancy, but that it will undo some of the work accomplished by the mommy makeover. There is not much sense in deliberately paying for and recovering from mommy makeover twice.

You Are Still Breastfeeding

To put it simply, your breasts are a different size during the breast-feeding period. Once they have returned to their pre-pregnancy size Dr. Galiano will have an easier time helping you determine the appropriate size and shape for the long term.

Moreover, the medications and anesthesia prescribed to a mommy makeover patient can be transmitted to a child via breastmilk, so it is better for you to avoid that situation altogether.

You Smoke

Everybody knows that smoking adversely affects the body, but many prospective patients do not realize how that it also interferes with healing and other aspects of surgery. Smokers are exponentially more likely to have infections, blood clots and a prolonged recovery period following plastic surgery.   

If you smoke or vape and have your eye on a mommy makeover, you are encouraged to quit immediately to improve your chances of being a good candidate down the road.  

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