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Liposuction Myths

Liposuction myths

Millions of people have improved their appearance via liposuction. If you’re considering whether liposuction is right for you, focus on the facts, not myths that have sprung up around the procedure. Top Chicago plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Galiano separates fact from fiction when it comes to liposuction. 

The Procedure

Liposuction consists of removal of fat from the body, usually via a small catheter. Most often used to get rid of stubborn fat on the abdomen, buttocks, arms, chin and thighs, it is useful for removing unwanted fat deposits virtually anywhere the patient desires.

Not a Weight Loss Treatment

Perhaps the biggest myth surrounding liposuction is that it is a weight loss treatment. That is absolutely not right. In fact, liposuction is inappropriate for those who are obese or not in good physical condition. The ideal liposuction candidate already consumes a healthy diet and exercises regularly, with a stable weight. Those fat deposits are not going away no matter how much dieting and exercising is accomplished.

Obese individuals must consider alternative treatments as weight loss surgeries.

The Fat Does Not Return

One of the best things about liposuction is that once fat is removed, it is gone permanently. Contrary to myth, that fat does not come back. Because those fat cells are removed totally, they do not migrate to other parts of the body or regrow. If the person continues following a good diet and exercise program, they should continue looking good after this body sculpting procedure.

Not Painful

Perhaps you have heard that liposuction is painful. Compared to other cosmetic surgery procedures, that is completely false. In fact, patients undergoing liposuction do not usually opt for complete sedation, but go through the procedure under local anesthetic. While the operation may produce some mild discomfort right afterward, most people just have to rest for a day or so, and perhaps take an over-the-counter pain medication, and then they can return to work and most normal activities.

Minimal Scarring

Somehow, the myth got started that liposuction causes unsightly scarring. Again, absolutely untrue. Most liposuction procedures are minimally invasive, so incisions are tiny. The surgeon instructs the patient on how to care for these minute incisions afterward, and most people say there is either no scarring or it is barely noticeable.

For More Information, Contact Dr. Galiano

If you would like more information about liposuction and whether you can benefit from this procedure, schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Robert Galiano. Contact our Chicago practice today to schedule an appointment to learn more about liposuction and whether you are a good candidate.

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